Dior and YSL are a girl’s best friend!

I have been obsessed with two Dior products lately… The Dior Addict lipstick in the shade Not Shy. It gives a very natural pink(-ish) tone to your lips, and extraordinary dose of shine with a quite lasting colour and an unbelievable comfort.

I sometimes like to top it with the DIOR ADDICT ULTRA-GLOSS in the shade Sideral. This gloss smells super yummy and makes you lips look plumed and voluptuous (*insert wink*)… So you get it, this lip  combo is very flirty… Only it’s missing one thing, the lashes! I had such a shock when I tried the YSL mascara THE SHOCK for the first time (excuse the pun ). No but really, this mascara makes my lashes so long and voluminous, it’s insane. Only downside is after 3 coats (yes I am extra), it gets a little clumpy but nothing a dry mascara wand can’t fix.

DIor and YSL collage


8 thoughts on “Dior and YSL are a girl’s best friend!

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