10 things girls love to hear

Here’s a list of 10 things girls love to hear yet they would never admit that they do love it… 

1. “I love you”… I mean who doesn’t love to hear that?


2. “I love the way you …” Girls like to know you pay attention to certain things they do so pay attention to some of them, and tell her the ones you like. For example, “I love the way you smile”, or “I love the way you walk” …


3. “Your makeup is bomb” or “your lipstick looks so good on you”. The idea here is to compliment her on the makeup she took 2 hours to do before coming to see you.


4. “What do you think about this?” Asking for her opinion not only shows that you care about what she thinks, you value her opinion but in some cases it means that you find her intelligent. And a girl will take that compliment anytime.


5. “Damn, baby you’re so beautiful”… This is more meaningful when you stare at her for a long time and just say that out of nowhere. It’s like you can’t believe you’re with such a beautiful girl or you feel so lucky and blessed to have such a beautiful girl.


6. “I’m going to do this, wanna come?” This idea here is to invite her into your everyday life not just to a date where it’s going to be just you and her. Girls like to see guys in their normal, every day  life, so let her see that.


7.  “If you do that again, you’ll see…” this is some kind of a warning… Let her know that she might be in “danger” if she does that thing again. Say it firmly, and it will make her a little scared but also excited to find out what you would do to her if she keeps being naughty. She’ll try to playfully test you, now you decide what her punishment should be 😏.


8. “I bought you something”. I doesn’t matter if she’s already the richest girl in the world or if you only bought her one small piece of candy. Girls love to receive gifts, especially when it’s a surprise! Now it’s up to you to make it meaningful (tip- you can never go wrong with food).


9. “What’s wrong?” or “How do you feel about this?” The idea behind this question is to show that you care about how she feels, that you are here to listen to her problems (even if they are boring) and that you’re here for her, to support her and defend her against anything.


10. The TRUTH! This is the thing girls love to hear but when they do, they act like they don’t. The truth can hurt but at the end of the day we appreciate it, it shows you value our intellect enough to not lie to us as if we were freaking stupid (especially since we probably already knew)..


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