Would you rather …

The principle of the Would you rather Challenge is simple, you MUST choose one of the propositions. Have fun asking these questions to your family and friends and watch how weird their answers can be sometimes… WARNING : some of these questions are really DIRTY!

1. Would you rather add salt to everything you eat or add sugar to everything you eat?

2. Would you rather never be able to use your phone again or never be able to eat chocolate again?

3. Would you rather be 1.32m tall or 2.50m tall?


4. Would you rather be stuck in a Hunger Games movie or in a Saw movie?

5.Would you rather be “resurrected” as a bird or as a tiger?

6. Would you rather not have ANY hair on your entire body or have 1 meter long hair all over your body?

7. Would you rather pee through your mouth or poo through your nose?

8. If you’re a man, would you rather date a girl that has a big booty and a small breast or a girl that has a small (flat) booty and a big breast?



9. If you’re a girl, would you rather date a man that’s handsome and strong but that has a small “pee-pee” or a man that’s not strong and not very attractive but that has a big “pee-pee”?


10. If you were stranded on an island, would you rather be left with only 5 matches or a gun with only 3 bullets?

11. Would you rather be a pilot or an actor/actress?

12. Would you rather never touch a computer again or never touch a person of the opposite sex again?

13. Would you rather drink your vomit or get in a poop fight?

14. Would you rather be able to be invisible or be able to teleport yourself?

15. Would you rather wear a snow suit in the desert or be naked in the snow?

16. Would you rather die of thirst or die of hunger?

PS: Learn how to donate to people and children who are suffering from hunger HERE or HERE.

17. Would you rather see everything in pink or see things in black and white?

18. Would you rather have every food you eat taste the same or smell the same?

19. Would rather have legs as long as your fingers or fingers as long as your legs?

20. Would you rather your watch your parents have sex every day of your life or join in once to stop it ?

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