Ogx Shampoo and Conditionner

These two cute little bottles are my latest discoveries. They are not completely new to me tho’ because I have been obsessed with the Argan oil of morocco range by Ogx every since in came to France. But the Minis are new (or maybe I’m only seeing them now)…

When it comes to caring about my real hair (because I also wear wigs and weaves), I want a shampoo that will CLEAN my scalp, MOISTURIZE my hair and SMELL good.


Clean my scalp:

Image result for black girl shampooing

I don’t wash my hair every other day, (my chocolate ladies you already know, I ain’t gotta explain). But when I do wash my hair (every other week) I want a shampoo that will actually clean my hair and remove all the products build up on my scalp. So I noticed that the Renewing + Argan oil of morocco by Ogx Shampoo does just that.

Moisturize my hair:

Related image

What I mean by this is that I want a shampoo that will not feel my natural hair feeling dry or plasticky… This shampoo seems to really nourish my hair and make it more manageable. I believe the Conditioner also plays a big role in that.

Smells good:

Image result for hair smelling nice blackYou’re probably thinking, “Nafi, WTF ? all shampoos smell good!” Well they don’t. Don’t get me wrong I enjoy the coconut and shea butter scent most products for natural hair come with but from times to times, I want my hair to smell real nice. These Ogx Shampoo and Conditioner have a very nice, cute, almost sexy and natural-ish scent to it, but the best part is that it STAYS in your hair for a whiiiile. I just love smelling my hair after they dry 😍.


I have been using the ones in the regular size (385ml) since I found them in my Monoprix. Here it Paris it retails for 10,35 euros which can be pretty pricy but compared to the Shea Moisture Products I also use, it’s alright actually. However, I came across the minis yesterday in the Monoprix that on the Boulevard Saint Michel, in Paris. They retail for 2,99euros each (the shampoo and the conditionner) which I thought was a good thing for me given how sparely I use it. Besides, I still have the regular sizes, the minis are obviously great for when I travel 😋.

Let me know if you have already tried them, and what you think about them…

Until my next post, take care ladies.

With love,

Nafi’s Beauty Tricks


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