This is the beginning of many more collaborations. I have always wanted to share with you guys the best tips and tricks out there. I have already told you my secret for having beautiful soft skin, but here’s the first step to achieve that.


I am beautiful and so are you

It seems that today, a woman is considered beautiful when she has long hair, a flat belly, big boobs, a big  booty, little tiny waist, and the list goes on…

If you have none of the above, the boys will decide, they’ll look at your face and maybe say « nah she aiight! She cute! » 

Dior and YSL are a girl’s best friend!

I have been obsessed with two Dior products lately… The Dior Addict lipstick in the shade Not Shy. It gives a very natural pink(-ish) tone to your lips, and extraordinary dose of shine with a quite lasting colour and an unbelievable comfort.


March Favorites

March is my birthday month, it’s also (kinda…) the beginning of the spring… flowers are trying to bloom and the sun is (kinda) shining.